Brainwashing Techniques – Mind Control Methods

Brainwashing techniques are used when a higher power seeks to realign the core values and beliefs of an individual. This is done by using a number of psychological techniques. There have been many studies and programs both made public and of course those kept very very secret. Many of the studies that have been made public of course have shown that brainwashing doesn’t really work although obviously there are forces at work seeking to control and influence the minds of people. I want to bring you into an amazing world, but also a frightening one. The battle for the control of the minds. The systematic breaking down and rebuilding of the individual so that back individual is in alignment with the beliefs and values of the higher power.

So let’s take a look at the different types of brainwashing techniques and they tend to fall into two categories:

1) Brainwashing can occur against a person is will


Brainwashing a person who does not want to have the changes made can provide much more of a challenging task because they will seek to resist against the psychological methods. This is not to say the methods won’t work it’s just it requires a different approach to one of the systematic attack.

2. Brainwashing can occur with the person’s consent

Brainwashing techniques become much easier to implement when the person is consenting, they may not be aware of what is happening but they are engaged, blissfully unaware of what is happening to them. Cults are extremely skilled at brainwashing people, slowly but surely co-worsening, changing believes manipulating reality so that the individual is indoctrinated and fully convinced that what the higher power wants is what is best for them and what they want also..

Do not underestimate the scope of the current forces at work. Right now brainwashing occurs across a significat part of society, driven by those in power. The battle for your mind is constantly being waged. On this site I will help you to fully understand the pervasive power of brainwashing techniques.